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About Founder

OJO Olumuyiwa – Founder, PYAfrica

OJO Olumuyiwa who hails from Nigeria, the western part of Africa is a young energetic, dynamic, competent, ambitious and decisive, a confident natural leader who has displayed the entrepreneurial spirit and leadership skills; organizing peers into clubs and groups, setting up stalls to serve humanity and provide ICT. training to youths.It is a dream come true that today he has managed to assemble highly courageous youths capable of pioneering the change for a greater and prosperous Africa and he is glad and happy to be fulfilling this dream He was able to use his interpersonal skills through team building to form a working group committed to the promotion of the ideals of his initiative.Through him and his group, the lives of several young people have changed by imbibing the spirit and commitment to community development as a collective approach in enhancing the socio-economic living conditions of young people through making them self-reliant and contributors to national development.He is calling on progressive minds from Africa to join him and restore the pride of Africa with Progressive Youths for African Leadership and Empowerment Initiative. #Together we can.